Added #LongWayHome by @EarthistsJP to the Best of 2017 playlist

Check out Best of 2017. It sounds like this band loves the piano/keyboard and minor chords. I can dig it. But this song, Long Way Home, really stands out on Earthists.’ album (you read that right–there is a period in their name). Check it out. The time signature, counting, technical work alone is worth your attention. Happy listening!


Added #Absolution from @withintheruins to Best of 2017 Playlist

Best of 2017 Playlist:

Last week, Within the Ruins came out with a new album. I’ve listened to it many times, and I arrived at my decision–Absolution had to be included in my Best of for 2017.

Check out the song and the rest of the playlist!

More to come throughout the year, so stay tuned!

Best of 2017: a metal playlist

Throughout 2017 I will be assembling a playlist of my favorite metal songs that release. Metalcore, Swedish metal, prof metal, thrash metal, and more may be represented depending upon what and who publishes over the next 11 months.

Stay tuned and check back often.

  1. The Lights, by Vesta Collide
  2. The Great Disillusion, by Betraying the Martyrs
  3. Witness, by Wage War
  4. Thick or Thin, by Gideon
  5. Lead The Light, by Novelists
  6. Long Way Home, by Earthists.
  7. Lecter, by Shade Empire
  8. Libera, Pt. I, by Ne Obliviscaris
  9. Serenity (feat. Justin Hill), by Mutiny Within
  10. Unbreakable, by Of Mice & Men
  11. Render, by Northlane
  12. Meat Week, by First Signs of Frost
  13. Madness, by All That Remains
  14. My Sorrow, by Miss May I
  15. Frequency, by Starset
  16. Follow Me Home, by Thousand Below
  17. Crying Over You, by Dead by April
  18. Return to Earth, by The Contortionist
  19. Misery, by The Word Alive
  20. Hope, by Volumes
  21. Arrow, by In Hearts Wake
  22. Graves, by Caligula’s Horse
  23. TriggerPulse, by Kobra and the Lotus
  24. Anchor Stone (Of the World), by The Unguided
  25. Solace from Suffocation, by Red Helen
  26. Throne to the Wolves, by Our Hollow, Our Home
  27. Raining Down, by Demon Hunter
  28. Doomed, by Righteous Vendetta
  29. If There’s Nothing to See, by We Came as Romans
  30. Virus, by Memphis May Fire
  31. Exhaler, by Cons
  32. Casualty, by Polaris
  33. Revolt, by While She Sleeps
  34. Mischief Managed, Like Moth To Flames
  35. Epiphany, by DFB
  36. Motif, by Kingdom of Giants
  37. Vultures, by Dayseeker
  38. Overthrow, by Veil of Maya
  39. D.O.Y.A., by Dead Rabbitts
  40. Heart of Stone, by Northern Ghost
  41. Salem’s Fate, by The Raven Age
  42. Invisible Enemy, by August Burns Red
  43. Stillborn Knowledge, by White Ward
  44. The Forest That Weeps (Summer), by Wintersun
  45. No Faced Mindless, by Persefone
  46. I Am, by The Faceless
  47. Gunman, by Orden Ogan
  48. Absolution, by Within the Ruins
  49. The Sin and the Sentence, by Trivium
  50. Know Death; Know Forever, by Phinehas
  51. Covert, by Oceans Ate Alaska
  52. I’m Not Waiting, by Currents
  53. Embers, by Your Memorial
  54. Shallows, by Eskimo Callboy
  55. Burn it Down, by Shattered Sun
  56. Erode, by The Northern
  57. Ethereal, by Shaping the Legacy

Best of 2016: a metal playlist

To put it bluntly, 2016 has been prolific in the metal genre of my liking, metal core, Swedish metal, prog metal, thrash metal, and more.

Here’s a playlist that I put together in Apple Music to capture my favorites. (As 2016 is not yet over, this list will be updated over the next 2 months as additional albums release.)

  1. Luminesce, by Erra
  2. Last Light, by Bury Tomorrow
  3. Alone I Stand, by Killswitch Engage
  4. Face for Lust, by Aliases
  5. Crusader, by Affiance
  6. Dreamcatcher, by Shoot the Girl First
  7. Made This Way, by The Word Alive
  8. Breathe Again, by When Our Time Comes
  9. First Father, by Silent Planet
  10. Waste Away, by SECRETS
  11. Blind Side, by Skyharbor
  12. COMA, by Issues
  13. Break, by I See Stars
  14. 570, by Motionless in White
  15. This Light I Hold, by Memphis May Fire
  16. Back Breaker, by Darkness Divided
  17. Faster, by Amaranthe
  18. Feels Good, by Volumes
  19. Crystalize, by Sonic Syndicate
  20. Zero, by Crown the Empire
  21. The Moment, by The Agonist
  22. Can We Give It All, by Imminence
  23. To the Key of Evergreen, by The Devil Wears Prada
  24. Silver Lining, by Glass Houses
  25. Blood in My Mouth, by The Amity Affliction
  26. Wasted Age, by We Came As Romans
  27. Open Door, by We Are the Catalyst
  28. The Crashing Waves, by Imminent Sonic Destruction
  29. The Bazaar, by Painted In Exile
  30. Forever United, by Your Memorial
  31. Dead Memory, by Fit for a King
  32. My Doom, by Any Given Day
  33. Natural Order, by Everyone Dies in Utah
  34. Exile, by Seraphim
  35. Introspection, by Through Lucid Eyes
  36. Entity, by Light the Fire
  37. Flatline, by Periphery
  38. Harbinger, by Protest the Hero
  39. Hybris, by Deadlock
  40. Hologram, by Northlane & In Hearts Wake
  41. The House of Shame, by Lacuna Coil
  42. Sorrowpsalm, by Black Crown Initiate
  43. Wallflower, by In Flames
  44. Cognitive Computations, by Allegaeon
  45. Mind Mutation, by Solution .45
  46. Fake, by Make Them Suffer
  47. Jagged Cross Legions, by Serpentine Dominion
  48. Stars Abound, by Auras
  49. Nexus Point, by The Room Colored Charlatan
  50. Gone With the Wind, by Architects (UK)
  51. Lonesome Soul, by The Color Morale
  52. Hands of Gold, by Delain
  53. I Won’t Give In, by Asking Alexandria
  54. World on Fire, by Wovenwar
  55. Captive Conception, by Circle of Contempt
  56. The Grand Delusion, by Breakdown of Sanity
  57. Burn it to the Ground, by Atropas
  58. Forever Lost in Van, by Soilwork
  59. Cold Winter Sun, by Demon Hunter
  60. Relentless, by Moments Till Fall

Best of 2015: a metal playlist

I made another metal playlist on Apple Music.

While my last playlist was a bit of a magnum opus, this one is isolated to metal contributions from the year 2015.

Best of 2015

  1. Skydancer (feat. Jonathan Vigil), by In Hearts Wake
  2. Throw Me In The Jungle, by Born of Osiris
  3. No Way Out, by Bullet For My Valentine
  4. Return to Sender, by Elitist
  5. Bleed Heavens Dry, by Solution .45
  6. Dead Choir, by Phinehas
  7. Fail, by Haste The Day
  8. The Sickness, by Imminence
  9. Legion of Monsters (Bonus Track), by Disturbed
  10. Fiat Empire, by All That Remains
  11. Utopia, by Tesseract
  12. The Direction of Last Things, by Intronaut
  13. Question Everything, by Five Finger Death Punch
  14. Coffin, by Disarmonia Mundi
  15. Empty Promises, by Miss May I
  16. The Give And Take, by Like Moths to Flames
  17. Supernova, by The Devil Wears Prada
  18. Loyalty, by Killswitch Engage (from the Game of Thrones Mix Tape II compilation)
  19. Follow The Crossed Line, by The Agonist
  20. Anodized, by Fear Factory
  21. Ghosts (feat. Jeremy McKinnon), by August Burns Red
  22. Enemies in Fidelity, by Soilwork
  23. The Path, by Battlecross
  24. Blind Leading The Blind, by Trivium
  25. Omega, by Periphery

From Mercy to War: a metal playlist

I created a Metal playlist on Apple Music.

Here’s the playlist description:

A collection of some of the best Artists’ songs in metalcore, nu metal, prog metal, Swedish metal, and more

Here’s the list itself:

  1. The Windswept Mercy, by Soilwork
  2. Vengeance, by The Devil Wears Prada
  3. Ultraviolet, by Erra
  4. Dying Breed, by Deadlock
  5. Clandestinity Now, by Solution .45
  6. Time, by Wintersun
  7. Ringside Seat to Human Tragedy, by Disarmonia Mundi
  8. A Rose for Epona, by Eluveitie
  9. Hymn of a Broken Man, by Times of Grace
  10. Erised, by Periphery
  11. Amaranthine, by Amaranthe
  12. I will Fail You, by Demon Hunter
  13. Of All These Yesterdays, by Trivium
  14. Square Nothing, by In Flames
  15. Orbital, by Sybreed
  16. Of Matter: Proxy, by Tesseract
  17. Evolution, by Skyharbor
  18. Doxa, by Monuments
  19. Pleidian Keys, by The HAARP Machine
  20. Broken Man, by Corpus Christi
  21. Machines, by Crown the Empire
  22. The Death of Me, by Asking Alexandria
  23. Fire That Kid, by The Ascendicate
  24. The Place That Most Deny, by Haste The Day
  25. Mad at Myself, by Issues
  26. Tears Don’t Fall, by Bullet For My Valentine
  27. The Ravenous, by I, Omega
  28. Delusions of Grandeur, by Art by Numbers
  29. Backstabbers Need Not Apply, by Close to Home
  30. Glass Faces, by Corelia
  31. Yellowism, by The Safety Fire
  32. We Never Should Have Met, by Aliases
  33. The Hounds of Anubis, by The Word Alive
  34. Tiny Hands (Au Revoir), by Silent Planet
  35. White Flag, by Glass Cloud
  36. Pittsburg, by The Amity Affliction
  37. Healer, by In Hearts Wake
  38. Before You Know It, by Ten After Two
  39. Half Life, by Whether, I
  40. Redemption (With Embedded Track “Mosley”), by August Burns Red
  41. Watcher, by Bury Tomorrow
  42. The Mapmaker, by Jamie’s Elsewhere
  43. The Path, by Upon This Dawning
  44. The Wretched, by Attack! Attack!
  45. How Could I Believe, by Il Niño
  46. Hey Mister, by Miss May I
  47. Five Months, by We Rise The Tides
  48. If Not, For Ourselves, by Woe, Is Me
  49. Your Heart and Mine, by Us From Outside
  50. No Peace, by Affiance
  51. This Ship, A Coffin, by Adestria
  52. Flourish, by The Contortionist
  53. John, The Revelatory, by Righteous Vendetta
  54. Truth Be Told, by Phinehas
  55. Product of a Murderer, by Of Mice & Men
  56. Castles In The Sky, by Mureau
  57. With Ears to See, And Eyes to Hear, by Sleeping With Sirens
  58. From Ashes, by War of Ages
  59. Ceasing Time, by Onward to Olympus
  60. Silhouette, by A Breach of Silence
  61. Legends Never Die, by Betraying The Martyrs
  62. A Greater Sense of Self, by Fit For a King
  63. I Will Destroy The Wisdom Of The Wise, by A Bullet For Pretty Boy
  64. Legacy, by Memphis May Fire
  65. A War Inside, by We Came as Romans
  66. Ten Thousand Feet, by I See Stars
  67. Trapped, by Abandon All Ships
  68. What The Water Gave Me (Rock Mix), by Come The Dawn
  69. Lonely Giant, by Elitist
  70. Strange Comfort, by The Color Morale
  71. Atonement, by Your Memorial
  72. Inheritors, by Serianna
  73. Die to Live, by Confession
  74. Upside Down Kingdom, by As I Lay Dying
  75. The Rise, by Oh, Sleeper
  76. The Silent Divide, by Anterior
  77. Into The Sky, by Armana Reign
  78. Fadeaway, by D Creation
  79. Murder…Savior, by Dirge Within
  80. Guarded, by Disturbed
  81. Harmony., by Forever Orion
  82. Deathmarks, by Like Moths to Flames
  83. I Am Hell (Sonata in C#), by Machine Head
  84. 1.618, by Allegaeon
  85. The Unknown, by Shadows Fall
  86. Reincarnate, by Motionless In White
  87. Before You Finally Break, by Sonic Syndicate
  88. Question Everything, by Five Finger Death Punch
  89. Get Over It, by Battlecross
  90. The Tempest (The Siren’s Song, The Banshee’s Cry), by The Agonist
  91. Exile, by Before The Dawn
  92. Conquer, by God Forbid
  93. Inane, by Threat Signal
  94. Canis Major, by Substructure
  95. Cascade, by Auras
  96. Vahle, by Volumes
  97. The Malignant, by Black Crown Initiate
  98. Machine, by Born of Osiris
  99. The Way We Die, by Devil You Know
  100. Holographic Universe, by Scar Symmetry
  101. Painters of the Tempest, Pt. II (Triptych Lux), by Ne Obliviscaris
  102. The Arms of Sorrow, by Killswitch Engage
  103. Fractured, by Diecast
  104. Melancholy, by Machinemade God
  105. Psychosocial, by Slipknot
  106. Anika, mon frère, by Shoot The Girl First
  107. Fightin’ Words, by Casino Madrid
  108. Stay Captive, by Still Remains
  109. Forsaken, by Mutiny Within
  110. Arise The War Cry, by Unearth

Listen to this playlist in Apple Music by clicking on the link below:

From Mercy to War