@NightShadeBand release #1426 – added Phalaenopsis to Best Of 2018


I love it when bands seek me out on Twitter. Okay, that’s an overstatement. All they do is follow me to get my attention. And it works.

Nightshade followed me late last week, so I checked out their latest album. I like it! I love it when this happens.

Trending on Apple Music are the tracks 1426, Save it for theDepths, and Brothers in Arms, but my favorite is Phalaenopsis, which I added to the Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 Playlist.

Give this album a go and see what you think!


Harakiri for the Sky: Arson


Discovered Harakiri for the Sky last week on Apple Music for new metal Thursday.

It is great! The songs are long, dynamic, melodic, moving, and gripping.

Currently trending on Apple Music are the songs The Graves We’ve Dug and Tomb Omnia. On first impressions alone, I think I like Tomb Omnia the best, and I may add it to the best of 2018 playlist, but I want to listen to the album a few more times first before coming to a decision.

Check out this album for yourself and see what you think!