Check out “Mary, Did You Know?” by @SeraphimMI!

Just discovered Seraphim’s “Mary, Did You Know?

It’s pure gold!

You’re welcome, and Merry Christmas!


@TheFacelessband release “In Becoming a Ghost”. Added I AM to Best of 2017

Thanks to Apple Music, I discovered The Faceless last Thursday. They released their new album, In Becoming a Ghost.

Trending on that streaming service are In Becoming a Ghost, Digging The Grave, and Black Star. My favorite is I Am, which I added to my Best of 2017 playlist.

They have a lot of unique elements in some of these songs. What are you digging from this album?

Merry Metal Christmas, a library of shreddin songs for the holiday season @abrband @lincolnbrewster

Christmas is here!

Which songs are you jamming for the season?

I’d put a metal playlist together, but there is not much content to my liking. However, I have a Christmas “library”. You can stream it here.

Or simply check out August Burns Red’s “Sleddin Hill” album. (Or if you like less metal but still a funky shreddin good time, check out Lincoln Brewster’s “Joy to the World“.)

And please comment with any suggestions you may have by way of contemporary melodic metal for a very metal Christmas!