@NeObliviscaris3 released #Urn. It’s awesome! Added Libera Pt. I to Best of 2017.


Check out this awesome new album from Ne Obliviscaris (I really love this band; all three of their albums are superb).

Popular on Apple Music is Intra Venus, but my favorites are Libera Pt I, Eyrie, and Urn Pt I.

I added Libera Pt I to my Best of 2017.


@veilofmayaband release #FalseIdol, added “Overthrow” to Best of 2017

Thanks to Apple Music, I recently discovered Veil of Maya. I’ve been listening to metal, metalcore, progressive metal, and more since 2008. I’m not sure how I went this long without discovering them, but they are fantastic. They just released False Idol, and I do strongly recommend you check it out!

Trending on Apple Music are Fracture, Doublespeak, Overthrow, and Whistleblower.

My favorite is Overthrow, but I also really liked Doublespeak, Citadel, and Follow Me. I’ve added Overthrow to the Best of 2017.

Go check out False Idol and let me know what you think!

@wecameasromans release Cold Like War—and it’s awesome! Added “If There’s Nothing to See” to Best of 2017.

Say what you want about the last couple of albums from We Came As Romans, but this latest one, Cold Like War, is awesome! It is heavy. It is technical. It is balanced. If you haven’t already, check it out!

Popular songs from this album on Apple Music are Cold Like War, Lost in the Moment, and Wasted Age—the latter of which debuted in 2016 as a single and is featured in my Best of 2016 playlist.

My favorite song from the album is If There’s Nothing to See, which I added to my Best of 2017 playlist.

Check out these songs and enjoy!

@TriviumOfficial release an excellent album, The Sin and the Sentence

Trivium released The Sin and the Sentence. It’s an excellent album!

The song by the same album name I have already put into my Best of 2017 Playlist earlier this summer when they released it as a single.

Current trending songs on Apple Music are:

  • The Sin and the Sentence
  • The Heart from Your Hate

I enjoyed the whole album but Beyond Oblivion, Other Worlds, Betrayer, and Beauty in the Sorrow especially stood out to me—but my favorite is still The Sin and the Sentence.

Which songs are you jamming?