@Wintersun and @NuclearBlastUSA still share no word on when #TheForestSeasons will release on @AppleMusic. You can stream through Connect or YouTube for now.

If you are a Wintersun fan relying on Apple Music to consume their latest album, The Forest Seasons, it’s still not available 30 days after it debuted on iTunes and via worldwide distribution.

I covered this topic on release day.

I asked Wintersun and NuclearBlast about when they would provide it on Apple Music twice.

They did not provide me with an answer.

So, if you use Apple Music, check out the content they have on Connect (links provided below). Or you can watch the videos on YouTube (included below as well). Enjoy!

Awaken From the Dark Slumber (Spring), lyric video.


The Forest that Weeps (Summer), lyric video.


Eternal Darkness (Autumn), lyric video.


Loneliness (Winter), lyric video.