@inheartswake release #Ark. Added their Arrow to Best of 2017 Playlist


Have you checked out In Hearts Wake’s latest album, Ark? If not, click the link above. It’s worth your time and attention.

Top songs from this album on Apple Music or Passages, Warcry, and Waterborne.

My favorite though is Arrow. Clever lyrics, dynamic progression, and a climactic rhythm guitar. It’s an excellent, excellent song.

Check out their album and also see Arrow in Best of 2017.

Discovered @kingdomofgiants and their new album #AlltheHellYouveGottoSpare

Check out All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare, by Kingdom of Giants. I just discovered this band on Apple Music, and they are impressive. Their content is dynamic and diverse. Their most popular song is Damaged Goods. Lowlife features a cool rap. But make no mistake, this band is metal! \m/

I’m really digging Runaway, Lost Cause, and Motif. Which songs are you jamming from this album?