Beatles’ #HelterSkelter as proto-metal blueprint


@inheartswake release #Ark. Added their Arrow to Best of 2017 Playlist

Have you checked out In Hearts Wake’s latest album, Ark? If not, click the link above. It’s worth your time and attention.

Top songs from this album on Apple Music or Passages, Warcry, and Waterborne.

My favorite though is Arrow. Clever lyrics, dynamic progression, and a climactic rhythm guitar. It’s an excellent, excellent song.

Check out their album and also see Arrow in Best of 2017.

Check out Exodus, @AndyJamesGuitar

If you don’t know who Andy James is, I just found out myself, and I’d strongly encourage you to check out his new album, Exodus. I just discovered it on Apple Music, and this album is fantastic! If you like metal and you like guitar instrumentals, this album is definitely for you!