#ShapeofYou cover by Our Hollow Our Home (@OHOHofficialuk)

Check out this Ed Sheeran cover!


Discovered @whileshesleeps, added their Revolt from #YouAreWe to Best of 2017 Playlist


Check out this band I discovered for new metal Thursday. 

Band = While She Sleeps

Album = You Are We

I really like Revolt and have added it to the Best of 2017 playlist.

Which songs are you digging from this album?

Discovered Dead by April (@dbaswe), new album #WorldsCollide; added “Crying Over You” to Best of 2017 Playlist


I love new music Thursdays. I just discovered Dead By April. Their new album, Worlds Collide, is quite good. Love the key/synth work. The technical work is excellent. It’s driving, and it’s melodic.

Currently, Warrior is the most popular on Apple Music, while I have gravitated towards Crying Over You, which I have included in the Best of 2017 Playlist.

What are you waiting for? Go check these out!

@RedHelenBand followed me on Twitter; added their #SolaceInSuffocation to Best of 2017 playlist


A couple days ago, I got a Twitter notification that Red Helen followed me. Not knowing who they were, I checked their profile, and it appeared they were a metal band.

I checked ’em out on Apple Music, and I’m impressed! Their debut album, Trading Past for Pathways, is really good progressive metalcore.

From this album, its eponymous song and Suicide Notes & Bloodshot Eyes are the most popular on Apple Music, but I gravitated towards Solace in Suffocation, adding it to the Best of 2017 Playlist.

Check them out and enjoy!

@Northlane quietly releases new album #Mesmer; “Render” added to Best of 2017 playlist


This album is a surprise not least because it released completely unannounced last week. I happened to stumble across it by happenstance.

In terms of its content, I much prefer it to Node, which released back in 2015. As such,  I found Render to be my favorite song, but Citizen is the most popular song from the album on Apple Music. The whole album is good though, so give it a listen and enjoy!

While you are at it, I added Render to the Best of 2017 Playlist, so check that out too!