Best of 2017: a metal playlist

Throughout 2017 I will be assembling a playlist of my favorite metal songs that release. Metalcore, Swedish metal, prof metal, thrash metal, and more may be represented depending upon what and who publishes over the next 11 months.

Stay tuned and check back often.

  1. The Lights, by Vesta Collide
  2. The Great Disillusion, by Betraying the Martyrs
  3. Witness, by Wage War
  4. Thick or Thin, by Gideon
  5. Long Way Home, by Earthists.
  6. Lecter, by Shade Empire
  7. Unbreakable, by Of Mice & Men
  8. Serenity (feat. Justin Hill), by Mutiny Within
  9. Render, by Northlane
  10. Meat Week, by First Signs of Frost
  11. Madness, by All That Remains
  12. My Sorrow, by Miss May I
  13. Frequency, by Starset
  14. Crying Over You, by Dead by April
  15. Misery, by The Word Alive
  16. Hope, by Volumes
  17. Arrow, by In Hearts Wake
  18. TriggerPulse, by Kobra and the Lotus
  19. Solace from Suffocation, by Red Helen
  20. Throne to the Wolves, by Our Hollow, Our Home
  21. Raining Down, by Demon Hunter
  22. Doomed, by Righteous Vendetta
  23. Virus, by Memphis May Fire
  24. Exhale, by Cons
  25. Revolt, by While She Sleeps
  26. Epiphany, by DFB
  27. Motif, by Kingdom of Giants
  28. Vultures, by Dayseeker
  29. D.O.Y.A., by Dead Rabbitts
  30. Heart of Stone, by Northern Ghost
  31. Salem's Fate, by The Raven Age
  32. Stillborn Knowledge, by White Ward
  33. No Faced Mindless, by Persefone
  34. Gunman, by Orden Ogan
  35. Absolution, by Within the Ruins
  36. The Sin and the Sentence, by Trivium
  37. Covert, by Oceans Ate Alaska
  38. I'm Not Waiting, by Currents
  39. Erode, by The Northern
  40. Burn it Down, by Shattered Sun