Metalistics: About this very metal blog

I decided to take my interest in metal and put it in a blog. It will help me [edit 11/22/16] track new contents and sort my thoughts assemble playlists and share contents that I am currently listening to or really digging. Don’t confuse “share” with “distribute”, because I am not Napster, Limewire, Bittorrent, or the like. I am an Apple Music subscriber and will share links to its contents. [/edit]

I started listening to metal in 2008. Prior to, I played drums in jazz, smooth jazz, fusion style. I never really gave metal the time of day, thinking of the stereotype and reducing it down to “it’s just screaming–anyone can do it.” Nothing could be further from the truth, which I discovered as fate would have it when I tried playing Guitar Hero 3 and was introduced to songs like This Life by In Flames, My Curse by Killswitch Engage, Six by All That Remains, and Before I Forget by Slipknot. I was amazed at the intricate rhythms and solos, the gripping melodies, and dynamic dualism. I became hooked instantly.

Maybe this blog will help break down the stereotypes and stigmas of metal for others equally to get introduced to this vast and complex genre.

[edit 11/22/16] When I do an album review, I will use the following rating system:

  • I can’t get enough! Put the album on repeat!
  • It’s good. I could listen to it in a playlist.
  • It’s okay. It can stay in my library.
  • I’m not impressed at all. I don’t even want it in my library.
  • It’s so bad that I’d rather listen to country music. [/edit]

(Yes, I loath country music.)

For now, my plans are to post about the metal I am currently listening to, which typically ranges from metalcore to Swedish metal, prog metal, thrash metal, and more. I tend to gravitate towards contemporary material and avoid the classics and roots of the genre. Sorry to disappoint if you wanted [edit 11/22/16] a review of to see [/edit] the latest Metallica album, but that’s not what I listen to [edit 11/22/16] these days [/edit], so you wouldn’t want my review of it anyway.

So, join me in listening, [edit 11/22/16] reviewing sharing [/edit], and otherwise consuming metal.

Stay metal.


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