Bleed From Within (@bleedfromwithin) release Era. Added Clarity to Best Of 2018.

Check out this album.

It has several trending songs on Apple Music:

  • Clarity
  • Crown of Misery
  • Cast Down
  • Afterlife

My favorite is Clarity, which I added to the Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 Playlist.

Are you digging this album?


Kamelot (@KamelotOfficial) release Shadow Theory. Added RavenLight to Best Of 2018.

Check out this new album from Kamelot.

All of these songs are trending on Apple Music:

  • The Mission
  • Phantom Divine
  • RavenLight
  • Amnesiac
  • Burns to Embrace
  • In Twilight Hours

That’s a lot of trending songs! My personal favorite is RavenLight, which I’ve added to the Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 Playlist.

Check out the album and see what you think!

Light The Torch (@LTTorchBand) release debut album under new name (formerly Devil You Know). Album “Revival”. Added “The Safety of Disbelief” to Best of 2018.

Here’s an album for you: Revival, by Light the Torch, formerly Devil You Know. Several songs are trending on Apple Music:

  • Die Alone
  • The God I Deserve
  • Calm Before the Storm
  • Raise the Dead

Those are all good. My favorite though is The Safety of Disbelief, and I added it to the Metalistics’ Best of 2018 Playlist.

Which songs are you jamming from this album?

Revision: Revise, by A Bullet for Pretty Boy (@ABFPB)

One of my favorite albums is this heavy, gut wrenching, melodically beautiful, lyrically thought provoking masterpiece. It has hard hitting technical sections, riffs, and rhythms. It has really good clean vocals to balance out the heavy screaming. Strings also balance it out. There are so many cool elements in this album.

Trending on Apple Music are The Deceiver, Revision Revise, and I Will Destroy the Wisdom of the Wise. I included that last song on From Mercy to War.

What do you think? Give the album a listen and let me know!