Best of 2018—now on YouTube!


Getting ready for 2019

2018 has come. 2018 has gone. It’s time to look forward to 2019.

One release week into 2019, and it has been relatively quiet. Until now.

Wage War put out a single today called Low. And it is lit. Finally—something worth listening to in 2019!

Check out the song here on Apple Music.

Make sure to follow along in the Best of 2019 playlist on Apple Music and return here for updates throughout the year.

Best of 2018: A Metal Playlist

Click here to view the playlist on Apple Music.

2018 proved to be a fantastic year for metal. Here are my favorite tracks from the year, mixing from metalcore, thrash metal, nu metal, progressive metal, and more.

  1. Lantern, by Sleeping Giant
  2. On the Inside, by Of Mice & Men
  3. Screaming at the Sun, by Machine Head
  4. The Swarm, by We Exist Even Dead
  5. Struggle to Sleep, by Glass Hands
  6. The Fall, by Against the Waves
  7. Paraside, by Returning His Crown
  8. The Bee, by Amorphis
  9. Human Empire, by Kobra and the Lotus
  10. RavenLight, by Kamelot
  11. Clarity, by Bleed From Within
  12. Tomb Omnia, by Harakiri for the Sky
  13. The Seventh Aeon, by Obscura
  14. A Home, by Rivers of Nihil
  15. Phalaenopsis, by Nightshade
  16. Speak of Sorrow, by Our Hollow, Our Home
  17. Buried, by Bleeding Through
  18. Lavender, by Thornhill
  19. Slaves, by Naverus
  20. Intoxicated, by Caliban
  21. The Noose, by The Five Hundred
  22. Digging My Own Grave, by Escape the Fate
  23. Bridge Burner, by A World Extinct
  24. Five Years, by SECRETS
  25. Wild Card, by Notions
  26. My Own Grave, by As I Lay Dying
  27. The Decay of Disregard, by Oceans of Slumber
  28. Don’t Fall Asleep, by Hollow Front
  29. In Lak’ech, by Persefone
  30. Tower of Pain, by Fit for a King
  31. Soul Drift, by Forgetting the Memories
  32. Vultures, by Northlane
  33. Angelwrath, by A Scent Like Wolves
  34. The Safety of Disbelief, by Light The Torch
  35. The Proverbial Bellow, by Between the Buried and Me
  36. Fugitive, by Time, The Valuator
  37. Juno, by TesseracT
  38. No Faith No Space, by Kingdom of Giants
  39. Celeste, by Monuments
  40. Expiate, by Erra
  41. Floodgates, by The Afterimage
  42. Erased, by Deceptic
  43. Black Flame, by Bury Tomorrow
  44. Breaking the Habit, by Affiance
  45. Sister Moon, by Lost in Separation
  46. My Disguise, by Currents
  47. Trust Your Gut, by Sink the Ship
  48. Pendulum Swing, by ATLAS (FIN)
  49. Bad Seed, by Five Finger Death Punch
  50. In the Grey, by Shields
  51. Dim, by Skyharbor
  52. Lost In the Dark, by The Word Alive
  53. Before I Leave, by From Inside
  54. Cetra, by Shark Infested Daughters
  55. Lost Cause, by Call It Home
  56. Paralyzed, by Imminence
  57. Broken, by If I Were You
  58. Dispersion, by Dream Awake
  59. Feel Alive, by Convictions
  60. Marigold, by Windrunner
  61. Drought, by Earthists.
  62. Samsara, by The Northern
  63. The False Sovereign, by Seraphim
  64. Misery In Me, by All That Remains
  65. Officer Down, by Bad Wolves
  66. Dust, by Unearth
  67. Comfort in Agony, by Anever
  68. 27, by Make Them Suffer
  69. Lower Empire, by Silent Planet
  70. Wake Up Call, by LANDMVRKS
  71. Mortal After All, by Architects
  72. You Need to Know, by Hollow Like Me
  73. Coma Blue, by Annisokay
  74. Slip, by Levels
  75. This World, by Parasite Inc.
  76. Keep Me Close, by blessthefall
  77. Helix, by Amaranthe
  78. Distortion, by BABYMETAL

Atonement, by Your Memorial (@YourMemorial)

This album gives me shivers. Atonement by Your Memorial is a super metal album. It is heavy in both music and in spirit. Its lyrics give me pause. Its melodies tug at my heart strings. Its rhythms excite me. It has exceptional technical work throughout. I just can’t say enough about this album.

These songs are trending on AppleMusic:

  • Endeavor for a Purpose
  • Hope Era
  • Surface

My favorite is Atonement, which I featured in From Mercy to War. But all of the songs are exceptional.

Listen to this album. You will not regret it.

Darkness in the Light, by Unearth (@UnearthOFFICIAL)

This album is one of my favorites to listen to. I don’t have a lot to say about it. Just listen to it. Sample from these songs that are trending on Apple Music:

  • Watch It Burn
  • Shadows in the Light
  • Eyes of Black

My favorite is Arise the War Cry, which I included in From Mercy to War and itself served as part inspiration for the playlist’s name.

what do you think about this album? Have you listened through it?

The Hymn Of a Broken Man, by Times Of Grace (@TimesOfGrace)

Wow. This album. Wow!

I remember when this album came out. Strength In Numbers was the first single to be released, and I remember really liking it.

But then the album released and the lyrical beauty, the rhythmic complexities, the harmonious melodies–they all coalesced into this masterpiece.

These songs are all trending on Apple Music:

  • Willing
  • Live in Love
  • Hymn of a Broken Man (featured in From Mercy to War)
  • The Forgotten One

But every single song is excellent and worthy of your time and attention.

Give it a go and tell me what you think!

For Aeons Past, by Solution .45 (@solution.45.official)

One of the best albums I have ever heard is For Aeons Past from Solution .45. Its songs are consistent, dynamic, dualistic, and even jazzy.

These songs are trending on Apple Music:

  • The Close Beyond
  • Gravitational Lensing
  • Lethean Tears

My favorite has been Clandestinity Now–16 minutes of melodiously magnificent metal, featured in From Mercy to War.

So, do yourself a favor and listen to this album. You will not regret it.

New metal music! Just catching up with this little ditty…

So, Much. Metal!