The Amity Affliction release new single, Ivy, from upcoming album, Misery

Check out Ivy (Doomsday) now. Check out the album later this year by the name of Misery.


Former Sybreed re-emerge as Obsydians; release two singles, “False Light Constructs” and “Axiom Fallacy”

I did not know until recently, but Sybreed disbanded and has formed a new band under the name of Obsydians (Or maybe it is only a few members from Sybreed that formed Obsydians?).

And they just released two singles.

Check out False Light Constructs and Axiom Fallacy.

As I Lay Dying re-assemble, release controversial new single, “My Own Grave”

As I Lay Dying haven’t created anything new since 2012 after lead singer, Tim Lambesis, was arrested and imprisoned for the attempted assassination of his then-wife. He has since been released from prison and apparently reconnected with the band.

They released My Own Grave to mixed acceptance. Some people are welcoming it with open arms. Others are refusing to share the track let alone welcome back Tim into the metal community.

I’m not the judge, and I’m not going to pass judgment. Check out the song if you want, but be aware that some people are calling it hypocritical to support this song and any other content As I Lay Dying produce moving forward due to Tim’s shady actions.

I enjoy the song and I think it communicates regret over past actions and the hurt that it caused. I think it is a fitting re-introduction for Tim. I myself having been forgiven, I not only desire to forgive others but am also called to forgive, so I am going to listen to the song and support Tim and As I Lay Dying moving forward, but the choice is yours.

As an aside, I hope Wovenwar continues its work. I liked their combination.