Damned Spring Fragrantia: Chasm



Blackout, by Affiance (@AFFIANCEmusic)


One of my favorite albums is Blackout. Every song is exceptional. These ones are trending on Apple Music:

  • Fire!
  • Blackout
  • Limitless

My favorite has been No Peace due to its beautifully slow start and then it picks up so quickly before ending somewhat abruptly–leaving me to want more. I featured it in my From Mercy to War playlist.

The songs are deep, the music very well-written; the vocals are riveting. It’s an easy album to listen to all the way through in one sitting, which I would highly encourage.

Have you listened to Blackout yet? Do you have any favorite songs from this album?

Discovered @WeExistEvenDead, they released #Eventide, added The Swarm to Best of 2018


Thanks to Apple Music, I discoveredWe Exist Even Dead On new music Thursday. This band just released Eventide. Two songs are trending on Apple Music, Unlimited and White Lotus.

Admittedly, those songs are really good, but I favor and have added The Swarm to the Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 Playlist.

Have you heard this album? What do you think of it, and which songs are you rocking?

Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 Playlist


Since 2015, I have assembled an annual Best Of Metal Playlist, featuring the best song of an artist’s album from that year as I deem worthy. It’s now time to start this year’s playlist, only now I am branding it. Check back throughout the year as this playlist will update often. Add it to your Apple Music library to get the updates automatically!

  1. Lantern, by Sleeping Giant
  2. On The Inside, by Of Mice & Men
  3. Screaming at The Sun, by Machine Head
  4. The Swarm, by We Exist Even Dead

@MfnH release #Catharsis, added Screaming at the Sun to Best of 2018


One of the albums I was looking forward to in 2018, actually the only one, was Catharsis. Machine Head released it Friday. And it is heavy, hard hitting, and thought provoking. These songs are all trending on Apple Music:

  • Volatile
  • Catharsis
  • Beyond the Pale
  • Bastards

In fact, this album is currently #3 on the iTunes top metal charts.

I favored and added Screaming at the Sun to the Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/metalistics-best-of-2018/pl.u-06oxxAbsWWyKXW).

Which songs are you jamming from this album?

Discovered @Sleepingxgiant and their new album #IAm, added Lantern to Best Of 2018


Thanks to Apple Music and New Music Thursday Night, I stumbled upon Sleeping Giant. They released a new album, I Am. Christian or not, this album is worth a listen. As of the time of this writing, the album is #13 on the top metal charts on iTunes.

Several songs are trending on Apple Music:

  • Preachcore Lives!
  • Second Chance Kids
  • No Love

My favorite is Lantern, which I have added to the Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 Playlist (https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/metalistics-best-of-2018/pl.u-06oxxAbsWWyKXW).

Give the album a listen and check it out for yourself!