Five Finger Death Punch release “And Justice for None”

Check out the latest album from 5FDP, And Justice for None.

Several songs are trending from this album on Apple Music:

  • Trouble
  • Sham Pain
  • Blue on Black
  • When the Seasons Change

However, my favorite was Bad Seed, which I have added to the Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 Playlist.

What do you think of the album?


Amorphis release “Queen Of Time”

Check out this album! It’s a blend of Finnish, power metal and more.

I really like The Bee, so I added it to the Metalistics’ Best Of 2018 Playlist. Several other songs are trending on Apple Music as well:

  • Message in the Amber
  • Daughter of Hate
  • Wrong Direction


Galactic Empire release Episode II

Stars fans and metal fans rejoice! Galactic Empire released their sophomore album, Episode II, which you can check out here on Apple Music.

It bears musical themes and highlights from the entire canonical saga from prequels to the OG trilogy to the sequels, from the Droid Invasion to Hyperspace to Rey’s Theme.


American Capitalist, by Five Finger Death Punch (@FFDP)

One of my favorite albums of all time–judge me if you want–is Five Finger Death Punch’s American Capitalist.

Trending on Apple Music are:

  • The Pride
  • Coming Down
  • Remember Everything

But I like them all!

I think their songs in general are very clever and artfully done, and this album is no exception as it is very consistent in this regard. They captured my attention in the very first song when they included the names of their first two albums in the lyrics of the second verse. But it isn’t simply about the lyrics. The music is really good, being dynamic as well as variegated. So, it is a well-rounded album.

Do you agree that American Capitalist is a good production from Five Finger Death Punch?