At last! Something of interest in 2018: Of Mice & Men (@OMandM) release #Defy

2018 has been slow. Regrettably so.

But at long last it finally kickstarted the year with Of Mice & Men’s latest album, Defy.

Trending on Apple Music are:

  • Defy
  • Back to Me
  • Unbreakable

I included Unbreakable in my Best Of 2017 playlist as they released it as a single last year.

I’m not yet sure which song, if any, from this album will make it into the Metalistics Best of 2018. But, I am curious, which songs are you jamming from this album?


Augment, by Erra (@Erra_Band)

If you have not heard Augment yet, you are missing out. This album was Erra’s third at full length, and it followed White Noise quite nicely but showed considerable growth in overall song writing that took the band to new heights.

Every song on this album is simply fantastic. Trending on Apple Music are:

  • Alpha Seed
  • Pulse
  • Dreamwalkers
  • Hybrid Earth

My favorite song has been Ultraviolet, which I included in my playlist, From Mercy to War. But every song on this album is worth your time, and I would highly suggest that you listen to it in its entirety on a single play through.

Why do I like this album so much? Wow–it is a delightful blend of so many sounds, techniques, and instruments. As with most metal, it is very energetic: as with much of metal core, it is dualistic. In the first grip of songs, there are also harp, piano, and marimba notes. In other songs, use of drum machines and sonic booms. Lyrically, it is deep. Musically, it is extremely technical. In all, it is supremely skillful, the album exceptional, the artists supremely talented.

What about you? What have you thought about this album? What stands out to you?